Comcork Flooring

Beautiful floors without a big environmental price tag.

The entire Comcork Flooring range is Green Star compliant and GECA certified.

Comcork is leading the way with its commitment to recycling and sustainable manufacturing. Thanks to full accreditation from GECA, (Comcork is the only Australian made cork resilient flooring which is GECA certified), the entire flooring range can now be used in all Green Star buildings. In fact, Comcork not only complies with the Green Building Council Australia standards but it actually exceeds them. Made from natural recycled cork, Comcork flooring provides natural slip resistance, impact absorption, underfoot comfort plus acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

Why Choose Comcork?

  • Made from cork and rubber ingredients
  • Comcork is resilient. It "gives" and is therefore hard to wear out.
  • Provides excellent underfoot comfort, reduces impact on joints and muscles.
  • All Comcork Flooring products meet the Green Star Building Codes.
  • Cork is compressible and can rebound back.
  • 100% Australian Owned and Operated - supporting Australian jobs.
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Green Star Certified

GECA Certified

Entegro Group is the ONLY Australian manufacturer of commercial cork flooring that is GECA certified.

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